General presentation in English


The foundation that was founded by the Posti Group started its operations in 2006. The foundation’s regulatory capital of 12.6 million euros is from Posti’s pension trust, where there were more funds than liabilities when moving pension liabilities to Ilmarinen. The Charter of Foundation describes the purpose of the activities to be: “to promote the general labour market capability of employees in the communications and logistics industry and to promote the industry’s work force staying available to the labour market for longer, as well as to support the physical and psychological condition and rehabilitation, as well as relevant holiday and sports activities, of employees working in companies that belong to the Finnish Posti Group and those who are retiring from these companies, and their family members.

The activities are further regulated by the Foundation’s guidelines and the Foundations Act. The Foundation is managed by a four-member board, to which the founder – in other words, the Posti Group – shall appoint two members and one of them shall operate as the chairman. The other two member are appointed by the “industry’s most representative trade union”, i.e. PAU. The representatives of PAU are Heidi Nieminen and Satu Ollikainen. The chairman of the board is Posti’s HR Director Hanna Reijonen. The deputy chairman is Anne Tallgrén. Two permanent experts participate in the board meetings. These have traditionally been selected from SAK’s employee development unit and from the pension insurance company Ilmarinen. The Foundation’s ombudsman also participates in the meetings. The board has set the advisory board as the preparatory body. Here, the employees are mainly represented by national special occupational health and safety delegates. The work of the board has been amicable, and decisions have not had to be voted on.

The foundation differs from other foundations in the fact that it can fund its activities from its own capital too. Therefore, the foundation is not permanent. So far, a larger amount than the regulatory capital has already been used for operations. The profit of investments has however been reasonable and the market value of property is still at a good level. The annual expenses have varied from just under one million to just over two million. Due to the fluctuations of the financial market, there is no certain information on the amount of funding in the future. Operations can however be assumed to continue for several years.

Over the years, the foundation has funded industry-related research project activities, physical activity interventions, national sports and culture weekends, holiday activities and during the past couple of years, regional sports and culture events. Transportation to national events is organised from different parts of the country, meals, evening programme, hotel accommodation and, of course, sports and culture offerings. A formal participation fee is charged from participants, mainly to prevent unnecessary cancellations and absences. Other events have been free of charge. A requirement for all, including regional, events is that they are available to all salaried employees of the Group companies, and they must not replace any services that are required to be organised by the company.

Physical activity interventions – which we nowadays prefer to call wellbeing coaching – are aimed for all workers. Information about physical activity interventions, and other activities, can be found on the Foundation’s website. Physical activity interventions are mainly preventative activities. Despite the name of the course, body maintenance is no longer the only focus. Assistance is also available for problems related to sleep and psychological coping. It is worth discussing the offerings and personal needs with the occupational nurse.


You can register yourself to weekend and regional events on the foundation’s website www.tyohyvinvointisaatio.fi.  If necessary, prepare to prove your right to participate with an ID card.

In case of physical activity interventions and wellbeing coaching, contact your occupational nurse first. A recommendation from an occupational nurse – which does not require an illness or injury – promotes access to coaching and is a requirement for the payment of Kela-funded rehabilitation allowance. The rehabilitation allowance partly replaces the salary that is unpaid during the coaching period. The foundation’s operations take place in Finnish, unless otherwise informed in case of a certain activity.